2014 babies and more

Posted June 10th, 2014  /  In Babies

All I can say is wow, I cant believe that it has been since February since I blogged. There never seems to be anymore time, we are all so busy.

Well anyway, I would like to say that 2014 has been treating us very well. We already made Pastel Banana Clowns and Banana Clowns. We have one more clutch to hit on the Pastel Banana Clown,  if you want one, contact us. They are a hot snake and sell fast. It’s simply a gorgeous snake. You can see one in the blog picture, we have several clutches to hit the regular Banana  Clown, so feel free to contact us and make an offer. We also have a chance to hit the Banana Lesser Clown, we got four eggs. I am really excited to see that because all three of those genes go well together, and my goal is to combine them all lol.

We do have some more good news; our Sunset male did breed this year. We already have a clutch on the ground, and we will be selling hets this year. I cant wait until we see a combo, and show people just how powerful that gene really is. There has never been a Red/Orangeish ball Python before. So no one really knows what the combos are going to look like, all I know Is that they are going to be bight and super cool!!

on to the next topic, I was never for auctions until Reptile Ring came out. That site has a ton of followers, and a lot of buyers. I am going to be doing a lot more sales on that site this year, I have been putting a few animals here and there on the website and they are selling for nice prices. I have been happy and so have my customers, it’s really a great site. Mike did a really nice job. I am going to be putting some new babies on there so, stay tuned for that.

I will be putting all of my available snakes on my website after they shed out and have some meals in them. We are going to be making some really cool animals this year, if we can hit on the odds!! one more thing, we have male and female bananas right now, so come and get em!!

As always, thanks for reading. until next time

-Brad Boa