2014 is going to be an awesome year!

Posted December 26th, 2013  /  In Breeding Updates

I still can’t believe it’s already breeding time, time is going by way too fast. We are on vacation¬†right now, ¬†we have a condo in FT Lauderdale FL, but we spend the majority of our time in the everglades. It is truly beautiful down here, we caught some Alligator Gar and Bass, but we haven’t seen any snakes which is really odd because when we go down here, we normally see a bunch. On our way down here, we got a chance to meet up with a really good friend, Winston Smith from WHS Reptiles. He is a really nice guy, with a very powerful and clean collection. he is going to be making some pretty cool stuff this year, so keep up to date on what he does.

We have already ultra sounded our collection twice this year, and things are looking good. You guys are going to be seeing a fair amount of new things from us this year; I invested into some really cool projects in the past two years, and they are going to pay off this year. When I say pay off, I am not only talking about the financial part of it. I am also talking about how cool the snakes look. Some times we get so wrapped up in selling our snakes, we forget to take a step back and really appreciate the beauty of the animal.

We got our Banana het Clown breeding like a machine this year, he is a two year old male now, so If our females go we should have some really neat clutches of Banana Clown Stuff. In matter of fact our first clutch, this year, should be Pastel Clown to Banana het Clown! I hope I am Luck enough to hit on the triple. I would like to talk about the picture in this blog, and the male is our Banana het Clown breeding a Lesser het Clown. The odds are not in my favor because it’s het to het, but if I can hit, this might be my most exciting clutch of the year. I have never produced a visual Clown at my facility, so can you say That I’m excited?

Incase you guys didn’t know I picked up a Bamboo male with Brock, he has it at his place, and it looks terrific! I think we are going to get it to breed this year, and I can’t wait to see what he does. There hasn’t been that much done with the project, but from what I saw, I was truly impressed. I think that when people start making some new crosses with the Bamboo gene, the project is going to go to a whole new level because everyone will want to have it. There are some people who are doubting that project, but I feel when they see what it can do they will change their mind.

As you guys know, we picked up the Sunset project. Our male is growing like a weed, he is around the 700 gram range. We would like to get a couple clutches out of him this year, I am setting aside a big Disco female and a Black eyed Lucy for him this year. Our long term goal is to make a Disco inferno Sunset, I feel that When the Orange and Red combine it will make something that no one could ever imagine. Only time will tell, and with it being a simple recessive, we got all the time in the world.

Take care and Merry Christmas

Brad Boa