2016 Babies

Posted July 12th, 2016  /  In Breeding Updates

I know we have not been posting a lot on our Facebook and the website, but we have been producing a lot of cool babies. We put our Sunset male to work this year, and have a couple shots at making visuals. we actually have a shot at making a Banana Lesser Pinstripe Sunset this year. One can only hope, the ball industry needs the Sunset. This project is going to bring a lot of new life and excitement back into this hobby. We also have the Rainbow project taking off this year, and just hatched out some sweet hets.  The breeding was Rainbow Super Disco Enchi x Fire Fly. we made some cool Disco Fire crosses, go check out our pictures on Facebook, they are phenomenal. If you want to get into that project, let us know. We are working on a available list, right now, and it should be ready very soon.

we have GHI, Pied, Clown, Banana, Rainbow, het Sunset, Lavender Albino, Highway, and Scaleless head combos available right now. If you guys have any questions just contact us through Facebook. We respond very fast over there. Like I said, we are working on a available list right now. It will be up soon, so stay tuned!