2017 is heating up!

Posted May 20th, 2017  /  In Breeding Updates

I honestly couldn’t ask for a better year, we have been doing awesome! we got really lucky with some of our projects for example Clown and Sunset. we have been posting a lot on Instagram and Facebook. This year I will be keeping my website up-to-date as best I can, and we will be using Morphmarket as well. Morphmarket does an awesome job at organizing all the available reptiles different people have.

We have been doing things different this year, with that being siad, we are focusing more on recessive projects. One of them being Clown. There is still so much to be done with Clown, and our industry hasn’t even scratched the surface on the project yet! Our Pastel Leopard Clown has bred a couple really nice clown combos. The offspring from him will be groundbreaking. our coolest clutch from him is to a banana lesser het clown. She’s ovulated, and we are just waiting for her to drop eggs. If you’re looking for some cool Clown combos this year, come check us out. ¬†We have also been breeding a Pastel banana Clown along with a Super Blast Clown.

On to the Sunset,,, This project will change our industry for the better. I am very excited to see what visual combos will be produced this year. There has only been around 3 sunset combos ever made. The Banana sunset is my most anticipated cross to see. We do have a shot at making this combo this year. We just had a Pinstripe het sunset lay 7 good eggs bred to our visual Sunset. Hopefully i will be able to show you all the Pin sunset in around 60 days ;).

We have a ton of other things we are working here as well, we might start doing Youtube videos once in a while to show you all whats going over here. I think thats the best way, so go subscribe to bradboareptiles on Youtube and stay tuned!

Overall our year is going better than expected, and we will have some unique babies here very shortly.Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. We will be posting as much as we can. The future is looking bright for the reptile community and ball python breeders.