Babies are a lot of work!

Posted July 3rd, 2014  /  In Babies

We are hatching out a ton of snakes right now, it seems like we had a large amount of girls lay within a few days of each other. We have never had this happen before; to be honest it’s kind of nice cutting three clutches in one day! I have been working a lot of over time lately at my regular job, so my two sons have been doing a lot of the animal chores, they do a damn good job and I can’t  complain!

We picked up a lot of cool males last year and some new projects, one of them was the black Lace. He has been a great breeder, and has popped out some really cool babies! There is a twist though, we bred him to a Super Pastel butter and we hit a white snake. I  was confused, but someone on Facebook suggested it had Mystic in him. Sure enough he does, and I am super happy, it’s a nice little bonus! This makes the White snake a Butter Mystic Pastel het Black lace! Now I can breed him to Mojave girls and hit a Mystic Potions het Black Lace!! We  bred him to a Fire Fly and hit a bunch of great looking snakes, we hit a Fire Fly Mystic het Black lace (blog pic). It’s hot and I have never seen anything like  it! We are going to be doing a lot more with this gene, if any of you guys are looking to get in the project I would recommend it! we have some for sale, so contact me if you’re interested. I can really see this project blowing up, it’s just way to cool not to!!! I know the name sounds like it’s a recessive project, but it’s  not, it’s a codominat. The het Black Lace is normal looking snake, but you can tell it’s not just a normal it has more Black and a funky looking pattern. If you breed the het Black Lace to a normal,  you should have 50% of the off spring be het Black Lace and 50% of the other half be normal. If you breed two het Black Laces together you make the Black Lace, and if you breed the Black lace to a normal  everything in the clutch will be het Black Lace!

Our Banana het Clown  male rocked this year, we have made some cool offspring from him. We do have two Banana Clowns available right now, so contact us if you want. They’re a hot snake and sell fast, the only problem with making Clowns is that I want to keep everything back ( Brock is not to happy about that lol)! The Banana Clowns  are expensive, and if they’re out your price range you should really consider buying a Banana het Clown. We have Pastel Banana het clowns and  Banana het Clowns available;  we have both Males and females of each! The banana Clown is truly one of the hottest crosses on the market right now, and it will be for a very long time!

We have a lot of other cool things hatching out right now, check out  my Facebook page. We are constantly putting up pictures. I’m doing my best to update my website when we have new snakes to sell, but the truth of it is it’s a lot of time and work. Time is something I wish I had more of these days.

Too end this b log I would like to talk about the Scaleless ball python. I think it’s a rock solid project  and it’s something this  hobby/business needed. Just like the sunset project it brings new light into the ballgame. I think the supply will never meet the demand for a long time with that project. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these bad boys. As you all know there is three lines of Scaleless ball Pythons. There is the Micro scale line by Nerd, BHB/Willbanks, and the WHS line. We look forward to adding the WHS line into our collection!

We are going to have a  lot of great things happen over here in the next few weeks, stay tuned!!

Take care,

-Brad Boa