The 2017 breeding season is on its way!

Posted December 27th, 2016  /  In Breeding Updates

Things have been going by so fast, I can’t believe that breeding has already started for us. Things are looking good for us this season. we have ultra sounded twice so far, and the numbers decent so far. we have a lot of cool new projects that we are working with this season.

This past season we unfortunately missed on visual sunsets, but we have a couple shots at making the Banana Sunset this year. I personally think this combo will be the coolest snake ever produced. We have also paired our Sunset with some other recessive genes for example clown and pied. We could be pairing our ┬ávisual Rainbow female with him, we still haven’t decided what to do yet.

That brings me to our next project, the Rainbow! we proved our male that we bought from Ted to be the same gene as the rainbow GHI female that we produced. You can get full details on this story from the blog that Carlos at OTB reptiles wrote. I will put the link on the bottom of this blog. Carlos is breeding him this year, and we have big plans for the rainbow project this year. We plan on breeding him to Fires, Clowns, and Pieds. We still have some hets available from last season. They are getting pretty big, they are selling out fast. This project is finally starting to take off, and we couldn’t be more excited. The potential is limitless.

we also have many other projects, I’m going to start putting up more breeding pictures. One of them is the Leopard Clown, and we have breeding our pastel Leopard Clown to a lot of different things. One of the cooler pairings we did was the pastel leopard Clown to a banana lesser het Clown. I hope we hit on this one!!

Stay tuned for some breeding pictures and an updated available list!

Things are going in the right direction over here.

link to the Rainbow story: