The eggs are here!

Posted March 26th, 2013  /  In Breeding Updates


A lot has happened since the last time I blogged, so here it goes I wanted to say we had a great time at the N.A.R.B.C. reptile convention in Tinley Park. It was great to see some of my friends that I do not see that often. I picked up a one thousand grammar  Cinnamon Enchi  from Ryan Hill and Luke Day at Captive Bred specialties. They are great friends of ours, and they are super clean. That comes along way when you are caring for reptiles. I do not take a lot of animals into my collection, but I don’t have a problem taking there stuff. I also wanted to say I was fortunate enough to meet Ton Jones from Auction Hunters. He ended up purchasing a Disco cream off me. I look forward to seeing what kind of Pied combos he makes. I just might have to get one from him in the near future!

Now on to my season!  we are two clutches strong right now, but that will not be for long. Our first clutch was our Red Stripe male bred to a Pastel female, we were fortunate enough to get eight healthy eggs. Our second clutch was Pastel Banana to a big pinstripe female, we also got eight eggs on that one. By the looks of it, we are going to a have a very good year. To be honest I am most excited about our Orange Dream YB male. We just  had a big Butter Fire Female ovulate to him. This year I will be producing Ultramel combos such as: Ultra Pins, Pastels, Cinnamon’s, and Pewter blasts.  A couple of days ago we had a Double het Ultra glow ovulate to a Double het Ultra glow, Bring on the Ultra Glows!

We had some young Males finally start to click on . Our Banana het Clown locked up with a big Clown Female. Now having them lock up,and getting eggs are two very different things. I am just praying she takes. I was also very lucky to have my 2012 Lavender Cinnamon Male lock up with a Cinnamon het for lavender. I missed my shot last year, so I am hoping that I’m lucky enough to hit this year. I have one more young male that started to do his job, which is a Banana X-treme I produced in 2012. He has locked up with an X-Treme butter at 14mm. For those of you that do not know what the X-Treme gene is; it is like a Desert Genetic Stripe. It brightens everything up, and gives it a stripe on the the dorsal of the snake. It is co-dominant, an we have made supers (which are very cool). My goal this year is to stripe out a Banana, and I actually have a chance.

Even though this year is going great I am starting to prepare for next year, by picking up new males and new morphs that I don’t have. The first one I wanted to talk about is The Highway ball. A Highway is a Gravel YB. The Gravel is cool by itself, and there is a super form which I like better that a Highway. In order for me to reproduce the Highway it needs to be bred to a Gravel or Yellow belly. Thank god I have that ODYB male breeding for me this year. The next male I picked up was a Black Lace, I actually went partners on this little guy with Brock Wagner. We both see huge potential in that project. Finally I got a baby male Banana Enchi female maker! over the years I produced and kept back some really cool Enchi combos, and now I have something to breed them to.

Well that is enough talking about me for awhile, If you guys have any questions just shoot me a call or email. I will be more than willing to help. One more thing don’t forget to check my Face book. That is the best way to see what  we have going on over here.