The Sunset Ball Python

Posted July 4th, 2013  /  In Breeding Updates

Just too clear one thing up, Brock Wagner and I did purchase a Sunset male from BHB. It was not cheap, believe me. This is the coolest snake we own with the exception of the Banana Enchi. There are a lot of colors in the ball game, but not Red. I really think this is the next big project, and I know it holds bright future. We cannot wait until there is a combo produced; I think the Fire gene will look great mixed in with this little guy. I am thinking on naming the Fire Sunset the Solar Flare! I just want to say thanks to Brian for letting us in on the project, we will not let you down. We stopped our breeding this year early, just for this little guy. I just hope we can pull off some clutches next year.

Now on to our 2013 babies, we have been hatching Banana’s and GHI’s. As soon as Aaron comes over and takes some pictures I will put them up in my available section. You guys can also check my Facebook, I put a lot of things on there. I think we hit a GHI Emperor Pinstripe, I will post a picture when it sheds, I think we were the first people to do that. It’s a female, so maybe down the road I can pair it up with the Sunset!! We have some pretty interesting Orange Dream clutches coming up, so be sure to follow my Facebook for pictures.

We are still getting some clutches, and we had an outstanding clutch today, the pairing was Pewter Het Ultralmel to a Pinstripe het Ultarmel. we got seven eggs. I find that funny because Chris Zarnick has the sister to the Pinstripe, and she just laid eight eggs yesterday. I can possibly make a Pewter Blast Ultramel, I hope I hit.

I hope everyone has a great fourth of July, mine has been amazing. I am truly blessed to be a part of this hobby.

take care, Brad and Kevyn Boa.